Saturday, 14 July 2007

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i) Civil (as in “a civil voice”).
ii) Legal — Please avoid libel, copyright, and classification issues.
iii) Topical — Your comment should relate to the post under discussion. Discussions drift, but please stay within this blog’s subject matter: Buddhism and Vegetarianism. Absolutely no advertising or commercial material.
iv) Brief — Please limit yourself to 200 - 250 words. This set of guidelines is 246 words.

This is not a public space - we reserve the right to delete comments that do not meet these guidelines. By submitting a comment, you are granting the editors a nonexclusive right to post it and at our sole discretion to edit it for spelling, grammar, and brevity. Our posting of a comment in no way implies agreement or disagreement with its content.

We recommend that you save a copy of your comment until it is posted. If you feel that our editing changes the meaning of your comment, please send an email to the editor and we will remove it.

Unfortunately, as with a letter to the editor at most newspapers, it may not be possible to notify you if your comment is not published. If this happens, please accept our apologies in advance.


Veramente Lieto

Juan Andrés

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